Engage Premium Account

Low fees , no credit checks and no lengthy applications. The Engage digital account and Visa Debit card is available to all members of Hoot Credit Union.

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Full money management

at your fingertips


  • Real time account balances
  • View all transaction information
  • Instant notifications when you receive funds/make payments
  • Pay bills by transfer, standing order or direct debit
  • Manage bills with our easy-to-use budgeting tools
  • Send and request money from others
  • Temporary block/unblock your debit cards
  • Earn cashback rewards on shopping and services
  • Pay cash in at your local PayPoint or Post Office (coming soon)

Never miss a bill payment with Engage Envelopes™

Want to take the stress out of budgeting and paying your household bills?

Set up virtual savings envelopes to help you budget for things like utility bills, rent/mortgage, council tax or for a special purchase.

When your payments are due, Engage will automatically pay them by standing order or direct debit, or release your saved funds back into your account to spend by debit card or to withdraw cash.

The Ethical Account That Rewards You

Maximise your spending power when shopping at some of your favourite retailers. Receive Cashback rewards of up to 15% with our select cashback reward partners. From everyday shopping to special purchases, the Engage accounts rewards feature has savings for any occasion.

For details of participating Engage reward retailers, download the Engage app today or visit www.engageaccount.com/rewards

Contactless payments with your debit card or mobile phone

Engage has been designed to make your life easier by packing all the payment features you need onto your mobile phone. As well as using your contactless debit card to purchase, you can also use your smartphone to make contactless payments.

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samsung-pay Engage
Google Pay Engage

Engage explained

With an Engage account, you can say goodbye to overdraft fees, high management charges and interest penalties.
Please take a minute to watch the video below.

Everything you expect from a high street bank
without the unexpected costs

You can access your account, view your balance, see a statement, transfer money and pay bills either online, over the phone or via the Engage mobile app.

You can have your wages or other income paid directly into your account and you can pay cash in at any PayPoint.

Click here to view the accounts terms and conditions.

Low or No Fees

Taking control of your finances is easy with Engage, when you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or paying over the odds.

Visa Debit Card

Your own personalised card with account number and sort code; giving you safe and secure access across 30 million locations.


The flexible and faster way to pay for your everyday essentials.

Rewards and Incentives

Up to 15% cashback on everyday shopping at local and national retailers. Exclusive discounts for utilities, mobile/broadband contracts and insurance products.

Free Mobile App

Easier and quicker to access your account. View your balance, transactions, and fees from wherever, whenever you want.

Money Management Tool

Be in control of your finances with our innovative money management tool ‘Envelopes’. Use it to put money aside for all your everyday bills.