05 Dec Welcome to Engage

What is Engage?

Engage is a digital account and Visa Debit card that aims to provide 100% financial inclusion. Engage accounts are exclusive to Credit Unions and Community Banks, aiming to support the Credit Union movement, bringing real momentum to challenge the ‘big banks’ dominance, and provide a fairer, ethical service to anyone.

What is financial inclusion?

Of course financial inclusion is the opposite of exclusion. Currently there are around 2 million adults in the UK that cannot get access to a bank account (2018). Financial exclusion hurts individuals, disrupts families and burdens society. It makes living on a low income more expensive, unstable and stressful than it otherwise would be, and acts as a barrier to personal development and economic progress. For example, without a bank account, people cannot get the discounted prices that come from paying for gas and electricity by direct debit. Without insurance or savings, it can be impossible to recover from a flood or burglary. And debt problems can lead to mental health issues, family breakdown or homelessness.

Who is it for and how do I get an account?

Engage is an account for anyone, whether you struggle to get a bank account from one of the high street branches or you have several bank accounts already. Engage is here to give every community 100% access to banking facilities. All you have to be is a member of your local Credit Union, which is even easier than applying for a high street bank account.

To sign up for an Engage account, simply become a member of your local Credit Union. Take in two forms of ID to apply for the Engage account. The application process is quick and simply, as long as the Credit Union knows who you are then there should be no issues with getting an Engage account.

What are the benefits?

Engage is more than just a money-on, money-off account; we want to provide our account holders with all the benefits of having a bank account and much more with our rewards program.

The Engage rewards program is an exclusive group of national retailers, local businesses, utility companies and insurance providers. Our rewards program give you cashback rewards, meaning every time you shop with one of our partners with your Engage card you will receive a percentage of that bill back into your account. For example spend £100 in Asda with 10% cashback, receive £10 back into your account*. Our members could save hundreds of pounds on their bills by using there Engage account.

*This is only an example and may not be the exact amount. Money is credited into an account on a monthly basis.