07 Feb What are Engage Cashback Rewards and How Do They Work?

Engage cashback rewards allow you to earn money back as a percentage of what you spend at our cashback reward retail partners. Our cashback rewards are a fantastic way to easily maximise your spending power and make savings on your daily shopping and treats. To be eligible, all you need to do is set up an Engage account at your local Credit Union.

How do I receive cashback rewards with Engage?

Engage cashback rewards couldn’t be simpler! Once you’ve set up an Engage account with your local Credit Union, simply use your Engage debit card or mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Pay) when making purchases from our cashback reward partners.

Once a purchase has been made, all of the rewards you have earned will be calculated and automatically paid into your account, normally within 60 days of your purchase.

What cashback rewards are available and where can I see them?

We have a great range of partners allowing you to earn cashback for any occasion. You can view our reward partners on the Engage account website, on the Engage mobile app, or within your online portal.

Will the retailers change?

Yes, we continually make changes to our reward partners, making sure we always have something exciting to share with you! For the most up-to-date list of reward partners, click here , or download the app on the app store or google play.

How much cashback can I earn?

The amount you earn varies from retailer to retailer. Currently, our cashback reward percentages range anywhere from 3% all the way up to 15%. Find out how much you could earn or potentially save in just 30 seconds with our cashback reward calculator

What can I spend my cashback rewards on? 

You can spend it as you please! Engage rewards are credited into your account so you could spend it by debit card, send it into your Credit Union deposit account, or even withdraw the cash from an ATM (subject to minimum withdrawal limits).

Some retailers may not provide rewards for online purchases, we recommend checking your cashback rewards terms and conditions before making a purchase. Full terms and conditions relating to Engage Cashback rewards are located within your Engage account, simply visit your account and go to the rewards page for further details.

*Please Note: Engage Cashback rewards may not be available on purchases made in the Isle of Man