25 May The Credit Union Forum launched

Engage credit union forum

Engage has developed a brand new forum for all credit unions, credit union members and the wider public to come together in one place.

What is the credit union forum for?

The forum is a platform for credit unions, current members and the wider public to come together to discuss credit union issues, points of interest and anything credit union related. This doesn’t mean that non-credit union topics are off the table; interesting articles, pictures and videos can be posted to the forum. However any inappropriate content will be taken down and the user will be removed.

The forum is a free to use service, new users simply have to set up an account. Once you’ve signed into the forum, you can contribute to the conversation or start your own.  You don’t have to be a credit union member or based in the UK to access the forum.

Users can also start their own threads around any subject, whether it’s local or national news.Engage credit union mobile phones

The forum can also be accessed anywhere in the world from your mobile or tablet device, simply go onto the Engage website.


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