03 Jun The Benefits of Banking with Engage

Benefits of Banking with Engage

At Engage we are always trying to keep you informed on the latest trends, market developments as they happen and of course, new ways to benefit you. In recent times, more and more people are realising the benefits of using a prepaid debit card compared to a basic bank account, carrying cash or using cheques. There are many benefits of using an Engage account but here are five key benefits you will receive when using one of Engage’s prepaid debit cards.

No Credit Check:

At Engage we do not require your credit history and we do not do a credit check either, when you apply for any of our Engage accounts. There are no overdraft facilities in any Engage prepaid debit cards and therefore no credit check is needed, however you do need a valid ID and you must be a UK resident.

Financial Management:

Every Engage account is accompanied with a unique account number and UK sort code, which allows funds to be loaded into your Engage account via any banking network. It can be loaded online through our website, phone or Paypoint. Importantly, you are in complete control of your spending and can manage your money effectively and efficiently. Once more because there is no overdraft, you never have to pay hefty interest rates or get into debt. Also, your Engage account has its own Mobile Application which allows you to have access to your Engage account whenever and where ever you are, available on both the Apple and Android applications stores.

Cashback and Rewards:

Engage has strong links with key retailers in various industries and by simply swiping your card you earn cashback and most cashback programmes offer 1%, with Engage you can earn up to 15% back with some of our partners. The more you swipe your Engage, Visa prepaid debit card, the better it is for you and the more you get back into your Engage account.


Engage prepaid debit cards have a multitude of benefits when travelling, the biggest is a low, fixed mark-up rate. This rate is constant throughout your travels or holiday, thus saving you countless amounts. Furthermore, Engage offers extremely competitive FX rates and with your Engage prepaid debit card Visa backing and Contis being a principal member of Visa Europe, you can use your Engage card worldwide, in over 24 million establishments.

Bank account Alternative:

All Engage Accounts, act as traditional bank account alternatives but without the hidden fees and for fraction of the cost, if not for free with some Engage accounts. You can have your salary deposited into the account and by using our envelope system, you can set specific amounts aside for certain bills and payments, saving you time and money. Don’t forget that with your Engage account comes with a free mobile application just for your convenience, which you can download for your smartphone to bank 24/7.