Your Convenient, Ethical and Rewarding Account

Engage is an account with a Visa debit card which allows you to easily manage your money. With no credit checks or lengthy applications, we’re here for you regardless of your financial circumstances.

What is Engage?

We’re a convenient and rewarding alternative to a traditional bank account. You can receive regular funds, such as wages, benefits, or a loan from your Credit Union, into your Engage account, giving you instant access to your money without the risks or hassle of carrying cash. 

With cashback rewards, budgeting tools, instant payments and a handy app, Engage helps you make the most of your money.

Engage accounts are available to Credit Union members. Credit Unions are local not-for-profit organisations offering great savings and low-cost loans to communities.

Not yet a Credit Union member?

Earn Cashback Rewards

You can earn up to 15% cashback whenever you use your Engage debit card at our retailer cashback partners, including: Asda, B&Q, Sainsburys and more!

No Hidden Fees

We’re an ethical and rewarding money account and aim to keep our fees fair, so that you can make the most of your money.

What’s free?

What will I pay?

Manage Your Money in Real-Time With the Engage App

Make the most of your Engage account with our simple-to-use mobile app. 

  • Check your balance for free
  • Get free notifications when money goes in or out
  • Make payments such as standing orders

Pay With Your Phone

As well as using your plastic Visa debit card to make purchases, you can add your card to your digital wallet so you can pay with your phone.


Never Miss a Bill Payment with Engage Envelopes

Take the stress out of budgeting and paying household bills. With Engage Envelopes, you can ringfence the money you need for your bills, so you never have to worry about overspending. 

Envelopes are currently available on the Engage Online Portal, and are coming to the Engage app soon!

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